Customers get a leaflet and install your app. It is free, easy and works on any mobile phone

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In the main menu of your app the customers see their loyalty card, your news, offers and rewards. Customers show their mobile loyalty card with each purchase and receive bonus points.

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Your member of staff scans QR-codes with a special device. The customer collects bonus points and will return to you to redeem their points.

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Your customer recommends your restaurant to friends via Facebook directly from the app and your business will be promoted to an extensive audience.

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Our user-friendly ‘My Account’ page makes it easy to manage your app and customer database. You can send emails to all your clients for free in just one minute, notify them about your offers and events, send birthday greetings and personal offers!

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Why our service would suit your business:

  1. Your unique loyalty program will help you to stand out among your competitors
  2. Collecting bonus points will encourage customers to come back to you
  3. Existing customers will spread the word using social networks, increasing the number of your customers
  4. You can even contact past customer, sending him/her a personal award or special offer, thus encouraging them to return
  5. You will be able to notify all your customers about offers or events for free
  6. The customer database will be collected automatically without paper filling
  1. We will print promotional leaflets for your new loyalty program for free
  2. No cash transactions are involved
  3. A savings program is more cost-effective to your business than a discount
  4. Your customers will see your logo on their phone every time they use it, so they will never forget your business.
  5. This is suitable for any restaurants, cafes, clubs, beauty salons and so on.
  6. We are now working inSouth Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, UK and other EU countries

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